Lily & Rose Bouquet
Lily & Rose Bouquet

Lily & Rose Bouquet

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    Product Details:
  • 2 Stem Pink Lily 
  • 5 Premium White Rose 
  • Pink Lisianthus 
  • Phoenix Leaf 
  • Thlaspi
  • Tied With Decorative Ribbon
  • Beautifully Packed In Lilac Paper
  • Height Approx. 55 cm

Lilies symbolize purity, virtue, and devotion, while roses embody love and admiration. Together, they form a bouquet that speaks eloquently of reverence, honor, and the deep emotions that connect us. The combination of these two blooms creates a visual masterpiece that resonates with both sentiment and sophistication. Presented thoughtfully and with care, the Lily & Rose Bouquet is a perfect choice for commemorating special moments, expressing admiration, or simply appreciating the beauty of life's connections. Let this bouquet be a representation of the purity and depth of your sentiments, and an exquisite gift that lingers in the heart. Order now to share the elegance and sentiment of these exquisite blooms.

Why you should order from us:

Delivery to their door
Each bouquet is unique and is prepared by an expert florist and our customer service team is at your service to ensure the best experience possible.

Bouquets you can enjoy for longer
Some flowers arrive a little closed to ensure extra freshness and protection during shipping. Enjoy the magic of seeing them fully bloom.

Make it personal with a message
Send a free written message with your bouquet of flowers. Shorten the distance between you and your recipient with flowers AND words.

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