Privacy Policy

Use Your Data

Our website uses your personal data to manage your orders and account or in order to get in contact with you in case of any kind of problem.

Policy Cover

This policy that is also referred as “we” or “us” is described to show how our website uses all the data regarding our customers. In addition, it describes your protection rights, for example your right to object to some of the processing that we carry out.

Type Of Data We Collect

The data that we collect are personal information and they are being collected at the time of placing your order through our e-commerce site.

These data include:

– Name and Surname

– Billing Address

– E-mail address

– Phone Number

– Recipient’s Shipping Address, Name & Phone Number

– Payment Details (method of payment & last 4 digits of card supplied)

We keep the majority of your data as long as you are an active customer.

Data Process

The process of your personal data has the following purpose to proceed an order through our ecommerce site:

– Communicate with you

– Taking payment

– Arranging delivery services

Law Purposes

We keep accounting records to meet legal requirements and we might respond to govenment’s requests or law enforcement authorities that conduct an investigation.

Third Parties Data

We may receive information about you from third parties. This includes notifications from our payment platform in regard to detected fraud on your payment, which means that we will have access to a fraud analysis report for every transaction (including IP address of payment).

Your Rights

It is your right to ask for a copy of your personal information in order to correct, restrict or delete the process of your data.

This right may be eliminated in the case of you revealing personal data about another person or in case of you asking to delete data that we are required by law to keep.


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What is a “Cookie”

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